Sharm El Sheikh

Assi El Hallani Is One Handsome Man In BlackĀ 


Black looks great on him! Doesn’t it?

Assi El Hallani posted the above photo of him on Instagram while he was hosting a concert at Shamm El Naseem, in Egypt, as he looked lovely in a black tuxedo.

During his stay in Sharam Sheikh, the Lebanese singer attended Arab Investment Conference along with many other celebrities, as he wrote along the pic below, “A photo with friends and artists Ilham Shaheen, Layla Olwi, Hala Sodki, and the intelligent director Khaled Youssef at Arab Investment Conference #Sharam_AlSheikh_Egypt.”





Assi El Hallani Flies To Egypt With His Friends


Assi El Hallani shared the above photo of him on Instagram while he was on the airplane and heading to Sham El Sheikh, in Egypt, with his wife Colette Hallani and his celebrity friends.

Along the pic, “With Talal Salman and my friend Doctor Jamal Fayad now on the plane and going to Sharm Sheikh…”

Aww– it looks like he was having a blast!