Nancy Ajram Encourages Her Fans To Support Autism Spectrum Disorders


Nancy Ajram shared the above photo of her on Instagram while she payed a visit to The North Autism Center to participate in their charity auctions and give support for the people who are suffering from Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Along the pic she wrote, “Autism spectrum disorders are neurodevelopmental disorders. Symptoms vary from one person to another; it can range between mild to severe, and that’s why it is called autism spectrum. The spread of this worldly disorder is estimated to be 1% & the number of cases are increasing dramatically. Autism not only affects the person but also his/her beloved ones. It is a challenge on many levels for a large number of families in Lebanon and around the world . We can overcome it only through providing specialized education and training & supporting families as well as creating public awareness. You can make a difference too. Simply go to and participate in one of the charity auctions. All returns from this campaign will go to support the cause. #AutismLove @rimafrangieh @FancyBid @northautismcenter_nac.”

We like it when celebrities do something for a great cause! Thumps up!


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