How Did Naya Prank Her Fans For April Fools?


Naya revealed that she will be closing her Instagram account due to the haters and the bad comments she’s getting from people online, as she wrote, “Dear Fans, I’m writing to all my dedicated followers I have on instagram that follow me and always show me lots of love and support in everything I do. Unfortunatly, I have decided to close off my official instagram account for good due to the hate and bad messages I’m getting from people online. I’m receiving so much hate messages and death threats to me and my family, which is only hurting my feelings and stressing me out. I’m being cyber bullied by the sick people online, and therefore I have decided to close off my instagram and get away. Thank you to all my amazing beautiful fans that supported me throughout the years, please keep doing what you are doing, and spread my voice across social media. I love you Nayators, always and forever. I can never thank you enough for what you did and always do to me. Goodbye.”

But later on it turn out she was just pranking us, as she clarified “Good evening to my beautiful followers and amazing Nayators.. to all the people who were happy about me closing my account… HAPPY APRILS FOOLS BABIES!!!! *evil laugh* I just wanted to do a funny April fool prank to my amazing followers, and I never thought I will have all of this amazing support and love shown to me from my beautiful followers! I wanted to make something silly and funny🙈, and never imagined I will be showered with all this love. I was really touched how you all cared “if I leave”. Thank you for being the best fan base ever! Love you all so much and hope you enjoyed this little prank haha ” i will never leave you my nayators 🙅💖. *😘😘😘😘*.”

Aww– she almost got us! Nice try!



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