Nicole Saba Shares A Lovely Selfie For Her Lovers And Slams The Haters

Nicole Saba posted the above selfie of her on Instagram as she wrote, “Im always there for my lovers😍😍as for haters the answer will always be a: Block😎😎#NicoleSaba.” Does she mean by ‘Haters’, Cyrine Abdel Nour?

As Cyrine said in a previous interview, ” Youssef El Khal, and his wife Nicole Saba always repeat herself in the Tv Shows. And Youssef also repeat himself. He always play the role of a man who fights with another man for one actress, like in the Tv Show ‘W Ashrakat Al Shams’, ‘Law’ and others.” She then continued, “I felt comfortable acting with Maksim Khalil more than Youssef El Khal, and the latter is not an Arabian Star yet.” Ouch!

On that Nicole tweeted back and said: “Before saying any theories and opinions about others, let them apply it on themselves first or come out of their fake cadre in which by it made people delusional.” Harsh!

Socila media war is on! We hope things will settle down between these two!



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