Cyrine Abdel Nour Stuns In A Red Dress At “Al Mottaham” Show

Cyrine Abdel Nour is going to be the week guest on “Al Mottaham” program that will be aired on LBC Tv channel, this Sunday 15th of February with the Tv presenters, Raja Nasser Eldin and Rudolph Hilal.

As for her latest news, Cyrine will release her new upcoming movie called “Soui Tafahom” on 12th of February which is directed by Ahmed Samir Faraj, written by Mohamed Nayer, and starring Sherif Salama, Ahmed Al-Saaedni, Maha Abou Aof and Riham Hajjaj.

The movie is about a Lebanese girl who works in a shop as she starts to struggle emotionally during the process of searching for the love of her life. Then her life changes after she meets an Egyptian guy and falls in love.



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