Assi El Hallani Spends A Day With His Friends In The Snow

Assi El Hallani shared the above photo of him on Instagram while he went to the mountains to enjoy the snow with his son Al-Walid Hallani and his friends at Zaarour, in Lebanon.

Along one of the pic he wrote, ” Best day with Al-Walid on the highest mountains #Lebanon #AlZaarour_Sennin @alwalidhallani @assielhallaniofficial.” Check it below.

As for his latest news, Assi will soon release his new music video for the song ” Riyah Al Baghed” that he will sing along with his daughter, Maritta Hallani, and some of the voice stars such as : Mrad Boriqi, Hala Al Koseir, Adnan Braysim, Rabie Jaber, Ghazi Al-Amir, Lamyaa Jamal and Marwa Naji. The song is written by Nizar Francis, composed by Assi El-Hallani, arranged by Khalil Abou Abeed and directed by Adel Serhan.




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