Annabella Hilal Shines In A Blue Dress At Arab Idol

She’s looking all sparkly and nice!

Annabella Hilal posted the above photo of her on Instagram while she was backstage posing for some pics before heading to present on stage of Arab Idol 2014.

“Of course I have the honor to mention the very talented Lebanese international Fashion Designer Ziad Nakad and thank him for this fabulous blue dress! And I have to admit that this is one of my best remarkable looks! Thanks you Again @ziadnakad #arabidol #ziadnakad #annabellahilal #annabellalooks #mbc at Mbc Studio – Arab Idol”, she captioned the pic.

The model and presenter looked flawless in a dark blue dress by the designer Ziad Nakad, as for her makeup and hair they were done by Maya Yammine and Salon Andre.

She is stunning as ever!








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