Why Maguy Abou Ghosn Is With Marwan Khoury In The Studio?

Maguy Abou Ghosn posted the above photo of her on Instagram with Marwan Khoury while she was recording a new song “Kent Bfakir” for the movie Vitamin that will be released on the Lebanese theaters on December 2014.

The song is composed and written by the singer Marwan Khoury, distributed by Dani Khoury and recorded at Rogeh Abi Akel studio in Beirut.

The movie is about three poor girls who live in a deserted village and then decide to change their destiny by stealing a truck full of money. But then a surprise changes everything..

As for the casting actors in the movie beside Maguy Abou Ghosn are: Carlos Azar, May Sahab, Fouad Yammin, Pierre Jamjian, Shokran Mortaji and Saad Al-Kadri.

We can’t wait for both, the movie and the song!



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